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Smash “Robotron”, “Zelda” and “Rogue” together and you get “This is Dungeon”.  At least that is what I am trying to achieve. The game is being developed in Unity 3D and I have a few different ideas I am trying out.  First, I want to see how solid of a random level generation script I can design.  Second, if it would be possible to remove the HUD from the game and still communicate information to the player.  So far the level generation script is pretty much on track.  Levels can be generated into multiple sections locked off from one another with keys or triggers placed in the proper sections so that the player can always progress to the exit.  You can specify how many sections you want the level to be broken into and it will try and split the level into that many sections depending on how many rooms and hallways are being generated.  The HUD has been a bit more tricky but is a fun problem to try and solve.  All items the player can collect and carry are visually represented on the player character.  Bombs clip to the belt along with keys while torches are carried in hand.  I made all of the art work except for the effects, skeleton characters and a hanging chandelier.